1998 Ford KA Fuel Pump Replacement Faulty Unit

Ford Ka faulty fuel pump

Unfortunately this can not be done from inside the car by just undoing a flap. The fuel tank has to be unbolted and dropped slightly to allow access to remove the fuel pump. Not to bad if you have a lift but I wouldn’t want to be doing one off of axle stands on a drive put it would be possible just a little more patience.

Support the fuel tank and remove the 4x 13mm bolts holding it up. Removing the two rear exhaust mounting rubbers and letting the exhaust hang down onto the axle should give you just enough room.

Remove the two fuel pipes connected to the filter by squeezing the lugs together and catch any excess in a pan. Now lower the tank slightly just so the you can see the pipes and wiring connector in top of the tank.

ford KA faulty fuel pump

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Once in this position the wiring and two pipe connectors in top of the tank can be removed one red and one white just by squeezing togther the clips these ones seem to be a bit more tricky than those on the fuel filter but I got there with a little patience.

Once all those items are removed the inner steel locking ring can be tapped round anti clockwise and the pump removed. Take a note at which position the pump is in there are two locating lugs on the pump.

faulty fuel pump

Just refit everything in reverse order ensuring the seal on the pump to tank is seated correctly and all pipe connectors sit back correctly. Start the vehicle and check for any leaks.