7 Signs You Need Wheel Alignment for Your Car or Van

So, you need to know the signs you need wheel alignment? Let’s explore, wheel alignment tends to be one of the things that many people can ignore on their vehicles until it becomes a real problem. The truth is that some motorists don’t even know what to look out for – but we do all have to deal with the consequences of poor wheel alignment!

So, what can poor wheel alignment cause, how do you keep an eye out for it, and what can cause it? Here are some key signs you need wheel alignment.


Signs you need wheel alignment – uneven tyre wear

One of the major signs you need wheel alignment is if there is uneven wear on your tyres. If you notice that one side or one tyre seems to be wearing down far quicker than the others, then you will need to have your wheels realigned.

Not only is this a sign of poor alignment but, it sadly also means that your tyre that is more worn down will need replacing sooner rather than later – you will have to either replace the entire front set or the entire back set.

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Rapid tyre wear

On the other hand, you may notice that your tyres appear to be wearing down far quicker than they normally should. This, too, could be a direct sign of your wheels needing to be realigned. Of course, the wear down could be due to something else entirely, so it is worth consulting a garage to make sure.

Steering wheel on a slant

As you drive along, are you sure that your steering wheel is completely justified or straight? A good test is to choose a long stretch of straight road and drive. If the steering wheel is leaning more to one side, then your wheels will definitely need to be realigned.


Noisy or vibrating steering

Speaking of the steering, if you can feel vibrations through the steering wheel, and notice that it is particularly loud, making a buzzing or humming noise, then that is most likely directly linked to the wheels and their desperate need to be realigned.

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The car pulling to the sides

As you are on that long straight road, try to notice if the car pulls more to the left or right. If the car continues straight on without you having to push the steering slightly, then you should be fine. However, even the slightest pulling could be an indication that the wheels need to be realigned.

Again, this can be quite difficult to discern, even on straight roads, if they are not completely evenly flat. It is always best to have your car checked by a professional if you have any doubts about the wheel alignment.


Loud tyres

If you are sure that your tyres are being particularly loud and that it is not just the road, then, yes, it is very likely that they need to be realigned. This can also be quite difficult to detect if you are a new driver, or if you are driving on particularly poor roads. So, in any uncertainty, have your car checked over as soon as possible.


You hit a kerb, a pothole, or something else

There are many things that can mess with the alignment of the wheels on a car or van – however, some of the most frequent sources of the issue are from hitting a kerb, a pothole, and so on. Even if you hit them only gently, they can easily do their damage.

Sadly, they are often the things that we only see at the very least minute or when it is too late. So, if you have recently hit a kerb, pothole, or anything else, and are unsure about whether or not it has messed with your wheel alignment, then save yourself some time, worry, effort, and potentially money by having your car checked over by a professional.


When should I get wheel alignment for my car or van?

There is no general time frame that dictates when your wheels should be aligned. Generally speaking, it is wise to have them aligned every two to three years, even if you do not have any signs of requiring it, just in case.

A lot can happen over the course of two or three years, and the chances are that your car will have been on various kinds of roads and will, therefore, most likely need some attention.

However, should you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then it is best to have the wheels on your car aligned as soon as possible.

Not only will the poor alignment have an impact on your tyres, it will also affect the way that you drive and, therefore, your control over the vehicle.

Having your tyres realigned is not an expensive procedure – however, it is an essential one.


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If you have experienced any of the signs mentioned above or simply believe that it is time for your wheels to be realigned, then why not book in with your local garage for a wheel alignment service?

At Auto Inspire, we are pleased and proud to offer you a complete service – from wheels to inner workings. If you are noticing that your vehicle’s balance is suffering thanks to your wheels being misaligned, it’s extremely important to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Our team of friendly and experienced professionals will ensure that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care and respect and that you will be back on the road as swiftly and safely as possible.

What’s more, you can even rely on us for help with your MOT. Unsure whether or not your car or van is road safe? Then it’s time to speak to an engineer or two who is in the know. Think about it this way – if your vehicle’s not working as it should, you could be putting other road users at risk, not just yourself and your passengers!

For more information about wheel alignment – even if you just want to know more about the average wheel alignment cost – call us now on 01246 555995, or contact us via our contact form online, here!