5 Reasons You Can Rely on Auto Inspire as Your Local MOT Garage

Is MOT time coming up again? All motorists and car owners in the UK know that to keep their vehicles road friendly, they are going to need to book in for that yearly MOT. It’s the right thing to do, as it helps to keep you, your passengers and other road users safe! However, what if you’re struggling to find the perfect local MOT garage near you?

Auto Inspire is a friendly, local firm with years of expertise. Our team of approachable experts know their way around more than a car or two, and the fact is, you can rely on our honesty. We tell it how it is – there is never any risk of you paying out for something you don’t expect or shelling out for a replacement part that just doesn’t make sense.

We run an honest business! However, if you’re still not sure about whether or not to get in touch with our team for your MOT, keep reading and we will fill you in a few more reasons to book in as soon as you can.

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We Offer Local, Independent Prices

One of the issues you might face when going with a national chain or firm instead of your local MOT centre business is that you may face higher prices for MOTs. In some cases, as chain centres have to stick to a nationwide pricing structure, they may actually charge you extra than the average for a very simple fix or two.

With Auto Inspire, you always receive our local MOT garage promise. That means you can expect fair prices on all MOT alterations, changes and upgrades. These are prices based on a variety of different means, and which remain hugely competitive with local centres and engineers. We also make sure to price up for you based only on what you need, not on any dodgy upsells or additional bits and pieces that don’t make much sense.


You’re Supporting a Local Business

When you book your MOT with Auto Inspire, you are getting in touch with local, trusted experts. What’s more, you are investing in an independent firm with an independent approach. We understand what it’s like to have to rely on big, national chains. Therefore, we really do strive to offer a fantastic alternative. The appeal of a local business lies in the fact that you know you’re receiving support from likeminded people in the area.

To help keep things affordable for all our customers, we rely on your investment! That means you are helping to keep a hard-working, independent auto repair and MOT centre running by simply booking in for regular checks. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership, which you might not always feel is the case when you book in with a chain centre or brand elsewhere.

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Our Experts REALLY Know Their Stuff

It takes more than a keen eye for detail to be able to fix any kind of vehicle up for its MOT. Over the years, the Auto Inspire team has built up a wealth of knowledge on not only how to check off and repair each part of the MOT checklist, but also on how to handle and diagnose all leading car manufacturers and models. That’s an exceptional amount of knowledge, and as such, we’re really proud of our team.

Our engineers aren’t just knowledgeable about cars and good with a wrench or two. They genuinely love working with vehicles – inside and out. Therefore, when you sign up for your yearly check at your local MOT garage with Auto Inspire, you can be sure that your car is in the best possible care.

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We Have a Strong Reputation

It’s true that there is plenty of competition out there when it comes to independent garage services and MOT checks. However, Auto Inspire has quickly set up a fantastic reputation for being an auto repair and check-up centre you can actively rely on. All our fantastic customer reviews really do speak for themselves. We want our drivers to go away with as clean a bill of health for their vehicles as possible. This way, we’re also making sure that our roads stay as safe as possible, too.

When looking for the best local MOT centre, you should of course read up on customer reviews! Your ticket to perfect engineer and MOT servicing is to listen to what other local road users have to say. This way, you can be sure that you always leave confident that your car has received the best treatment and the best analysis before getting back on the motorway.


We’re Friendly and Approachable

One of the main reasons why so many people choose Auto Inspire as their local MOT garage of choice lies in our approach. We’re ordinary people doing ordinary jobs – and even if you’re not so much of a petrolhead yourself, we’ll always make sure to gently guide you through the MOT process.. We treat our customers with respect, and the same goes for their cars! Car problems can cause a lot of stress, and we really don’t want to add any more on top of your plate by being less than approachable.

Your MOT doesn’t have to be stressful. Going in for these yearly checks is a part of being a motorist. However, there’s no need to worry about getting these checks lined up and carried out year after year. With Auto Inspire, you can be sure that your car receives the best tools, the best care, and the best plan of attack for years of motoring fun.

If you’re due an MOT check-up and want to get in touch with your nearest MOT centre, now is the time to reach out to Auto Inspire. We do ad hoc repairs and fault checks, too – meaning that even if it’s not time for your MOT yet, we’ll be more than happy to take a look at what’s going on beneath the bonnet.

Call us now on 01246 555995 or visit us in Chesterfield as soon as you’re ready!