The Importance of Ensuring You’ve Got the Best Tyres for Winter

With winter just around the corner and temperatures dropping already, giving us that famous autumn rainy and cold weather, it is essential to ensure that you are as safe on the road as possible.

One of the best ways to ensure your safety and those around you is to have winter tyres placed on your car ahead of time!

Now, you may be thinking that tyres are just tyres – and that the ones that you’ve had on all year seem to be perfectly fine, but that is wrong. Not all tyres are the same, and you need ones that are best adapted to the severe weather and, therefore, road changes that are about to come.

Let’s take a closer look at what winter tyres actually are, and why they are so important.


What are winter tyres?Winter Tyres

To put it simply, winter tyres are made from a particular type of rubber compound that provides the maximum amount of grip you need on the road. Given that grip is mostly needed during the rain, snow, hail, and other cold, wet weather, that’s why these tyres are called winter tyres.

Obviously, in some countries, they are not as necessary as winters are fairly dry and warm; however, here in the UK, they are a must. They are not yet a legal requirement; however, they are of the utmost importance and can be the difference between life and death.


Why are winter tyres so essential?

As mentioned, winter tyres really are a life-saving necessity. The roads are treacherous at the best of times, but they are even worse in the winter. No matter how careful we are, accidents can easily happen on unsafe roads, especially if the drivers around us are not being so careful.

You cannot depend on others to be able to swerve and brake to miss you, so you have to ensure that you are in complete control of your vehicle. Your tyres have everything to do with that.

If you are driving on worn-out tyres, then you will have very little to no grip. This means that no matter how hard you brake, how careful you are, or even how slow you are going, your car can easily slip and slide at any moment. The grip on your tyres is what will allow you to remain in control of the vehicle and to ensure that you are as safe as possible on the road.

Of course, this is the utmost importance for your safety and that of anyone else who uses your car; however, it is also essential for others on the road, be it other vehicles or pedestrians. It is, in fact, so important that in countries such as Germany and Sweden, winter tyres are a legal requirement. While you are not legally obliged to have winter tyres in the UK (although you can have some legal issues if your tyres are too worn out), it is a wise decision to get them fitted.

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Should I have a winter tyre check?

The best thing that you can do to ensure your safety and that of others during the winter is to have winter tyres placed on your car. However, it would also be wise to have frequent winter tyre checks throughout the season.

As strong and good as winter tyres are, they are not indestructible. Given the severe weather changes that can happen during the winter, and the frequency at which you use your car (be it regularly for work, errands, visits, etc.), it is essential to ensure that your tyres are as safe as possible throughout the winter.

For that, the best thing that you can do is to have your tyres checked throughout the winter. Even having them checked once or twice could be the difference between them being up to standard and them being useless.

Having your tyres checked ensures that your initial investment into these tyres is well looked after, and of course, better ensures your safety and that of everyone else on the road.


How expensive are the best snow tyres?

Of course, the price of winter tyres depends on the make. To better ensure your safety, it is best to look at the best winter tyres 2021 has brought to the table, which can be anything from Bridgestone and Dunlops to lesser-known brands.

However, there are, of course, cheaper, good quality options available, which would be better than not changing your tyres at all.

Generally speaking, the best snow tyres and winter tyres cost around £60 each.
The provider will also make a big difference in the price and the cost of the labour. That is why it is essential to find a company that can install your winter tyres safely, efficiently, and for a budget that suits everyone.

You will need to also consider your budget for the winter tyre check, should the garage that you choose cost a lot for the checks. In most cases, winter tyre checks are free and will only cost you money should the tyres need replacing.



When it comes to your safety and that of those you love, there is nothing more important. Most of us use our cars on a daily basis and use them to carry around our loved ones! That is why the safety of your vehicle is of the utmost importance.

Now, many of us cannot afford the safest cars on the road; however, we can plan for having our vehicles fitted with winter tyres to better ensure the safety of all of those concerned.

If you are looking at having your car fitted with winter tyres in Chesterfield or the surrounding areas, contact AutoInspire now. Our team of experienced and efficient professionals will be able to make sure that you are as safe on the road as possible and for the best price. Call us on 01246 555995 or email us through our contact form on our website for your appointment now.