Ford Mondeo St 220 Year 2003 Coolant Leak

Customer complaint of losing coolant and heater not working. Temperature gauge also creaping towards hot. When the car arrived the customer also pointed out a hole in a coolant hose where the coolant was escaping. The hose pictured below has just perished over time and had a inch tear down the back. The one in between the battery and the engine.

Quite easily accessible from the top of the car and no need to raise in the air.

There are just the clips either end of the pipe to be removed and then I removed a 13mm nut and a 10mm nut to allow the hose enough movement to be removed.

Once removed, it looked like it had been leaking for quite a while, I ordered a new one, cleaned up the end where the new pipe would fit and once it arrived fitted the new hose applying a little bit of rubber grease to the inside of the pipe to allow it to slide over easily. Replaced the two retaining clips.

Filled up the coolant system with a antifreeze and water mix and ran the car up to temperature to self bleed with the heater set to blowing hot and the fan on full.

After keeping my eyes on the vehicle the temperature gauge was rising but the heater was still cold. A quick drive around the estate and the heater began to blow hot after around half a mile. On returning, I let the engine idle until the car had got up to temperature and the fan had cycled on and off once.

Allowed vehicle to cool and then topped up the coolant to the right level.

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