How Often Do Brake Discs and Pads Need Replacing?

Without a working braking system, your vehicle simply isn’t fit to hit the road – that much is obvious!

We use our brakes constantly when driving. They are essential to us, whether we are merely slowing down to a casual stop, or having to make an emergency stop within seconds of notice. In some cases, they could make the difference between remaining stable and potentially having an accident – and as they get worn out over the years, they become less and less reliable.

That is why, in order to ensure your safety, and that of everyone else on the road, it is essential that you have your brakes checked and replaced when needed. Regular checks are a must – as no matter how careful you may think you are with your braking system, chances are years of wear and tear are going to grind them down.

But how often do brake discs need replacing, and how do I know when they need to be replaced? Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know, and why it’s important to get your brake discs and pads checked out by local professionals (such as the team at Auto Inspire).


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How frequently do brake discs and pads need replacing on average?

It all depends on how soft or hard you are on your brakes in general. We all use our brakes differently. Some of us are quite gentle – it’s sometimes better to be safe than sorry, whereas others tend to be pretty harsh.

The more pressure you put on the brakes, the more likely you will need to replace their pads and discs frequently. The type of vehicle that you drive will also have an effect here, as will the weight of the car.

Therefore, there is no set rule when it comes to replacing brake discs and pads. Some can last up to about 80,000 km (just short of 50,000 miles, whereas others will only make it around 25,000 km (just above 15,500 miles).

Discs can also get unevenly worn down – a problem that you may not be aware of until someone takes a closer look during an MOT or health check. It is your duty to ensure that your vehicle is as safe as possible – therefore, it makes sense to trust your gut and get your pads and discs checked out if you notice anything new or concerning.

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How do I know if my brakes discs and pads need replacing?

You will likely begin to notice when your brake pads need to be replaced the more you drive your specific vehicle. Trust us on this! When you’ve been driving a specific car for some time, you begin to notice little things about its daily running. When these things start to change ever so slightly, it can be a clear red flag that you need to get your brake pads and discs checked out for the better.

What’s more, there are multiple things that can happen to your vehicle when the brake pads begin to wear. Believe us – while some of these things can be clear giveaways that there is something wrong beneath the surface, you don’t want to end up leaving things to the last minute.

Some of the most common signs of brake pads and discs wearing down include:


Strange noises

If your brakes make a sharp, squealing sorts of noises when fully engaged, then it could be a sign that you’re due a pad or disc replacement. This can also happen in bad weather, or even as a result of dirt buildup, so it is best to check your car when it has been fully cleaned and is in supposed good working order.

However, if you are uncertain, then it is simply best to have the discs and pads checked by local experts outright. If the noise persists beyond cleaning and normal checks, then it is more than likely that it is an issue with the brake pads and discs.


Your car is leaning

If your car is leaning more to one side than the other when you are driving, then it could be a sign that the brake pads and discs have become worn down unevenly – and need replacing outright. This is where things can start to get a little dangerous, so please don’t leave it to chance!


You’re feeling vibrations

If your car begins to vibrate and shudder as you brake – even in just the steering wheel – then it is a sign that your brake pads and discs may need to be replaced. Again, don’t risk it – get your car into your nearest service centre to be checked over.


Your warning lights are on

Of course, if your brake warning lights are illuminated, it’s time to get support from an expert as soon as you can. While something of a modern addition to dashboards over recent years, this is a highly useful indicator that something’s amiss – and you normally won’t have to rely on the same old noises and shudders to know that your brakes are in need of support.



Trust us – getting your brakes checked out may be a matter of life and death if you suspect there are problems deeper into your car. If you notice any of the above problems at any time, be sure to reach out to mechanics who can get you back on the road.

If you are in the Chesterfield area, and need your brake pads and discs to be checked and/or replaced, then contact Auto Inspire as soon as possible.

Our team has years of dedicated experience – your safety is of the utmost importance to us, so we will ensure that your brakes are up to standard before you get back on the road.

You can call us now on 01246 555995, or via our contact form to make your appointment – please don’t leave brake problems until it’s too late!