Peugeot 307 Clutch Replacement

This car was towed down to our workshop after the clutch failed on the dual carriageway.

We even managed to drive the car in the clutch was slipping but still drove.

Removing the gearbox is not a bad job on this vehicle. Once the battery and battery tray has been removed. Support the engine and remove the gearbox mount. Once the engine had been lowered all the bolts holding the bell housing can be easily accessed from beneath the car. Driveshafts removed starter motor, gear linkage cables and a couple of connectors. The gearbox was ready to be lifted out.

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We just couldn’t believe this car still drove and had only just broke down, because there was no sign in the bell housing of the other half of the clutch plate.

Just goes to show Sachs clutches you can get the full wear from them before they need replacing. For quality clutch replacement services in chesterfield contact us today.