Volkswagen Fox Misfire Hesitation Engine Management Light Flashing

This car was driven in to the workshop with a very lumpy running engine. It had a very definite misfire on at least one cylinder. We plugged in the code reader diagnostic port can be found under a small panel just beneath the steering wheel.

The fault code returned was P0302 cylinder two misfire.

Other fault codes on this engine for misfires would be:

P0301 cylinder 1 misfire
P0303 cylinder 3 misfire

I suspected we would have a faulty coil pack as these are coil on plug type. The easiest cause of action in this case is to clear any fault codes and swap over the coil packs road test and re code read. On this car there was no need as when I removed the coil pack on number two cylinder it split in half. I decided to replace the coil packs on number 2 and 3 as number three also didn’t look brilliant.

Cleared all the fault codes from the system and road tested. All ok.

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