What Happens if Your Car Fails Its MOT?

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As you know, depending on the type of car you drive – as well as its age – your vehicle will have to pass an MOT every year. These tests are essential to ensure that your vehicle is road legal, which is to say that it is safe for you to use and for everybody else on the road to be around!

And, while many drivers wait for their previous MOT certificate to expire before having it tested, this is a big mistake! You should ideally have your car tested when its certificate is still valid to avoid any potential legal issues you may encounter,

A valid MOT consists of dozens of tests, including testing the brakes in your vehicle, the brake lights, the fuel system, the lights, the seatbelts, the exhaust system, the mirrors, the doors and more. Your car needs to pass all of the required tests in order for it to clear its MOT.

It may seem like a bit of a pain, but it is crucial to best ensure the safety of all. The car may have underlying problems that you may already know about, or it could have more severe issues of which you are oblivious.

But – what happens if your car fails MOT tests or recommendations? What’s next? Keep reading for the full lowdown.



Unsure what happens if your vehicle fails an MOT? It’s not the end of the world – MOT failures occur all the time, and they’re easy enough to account for.

Should your car not pass its MOT, you will automatically be given an MOT certificate declaring it as such. This means that your vehicle will not be safe nor legal to drive, other than to and from a garage that will ensure the repairs that your car needs.

It’s not ‘game over’, but it does mean you’re going to need to get your car back up to code and shape again pretty swiftly. That might mean MOT repairs or a complete MOT retest when all is said and done.

An MOT test centre (e.g. your original testing centre) will tell you why exactly your car failed its tests and what you will need with regard to repairs before it can be brought back for a follow-up MOT. It is then your duty as your car’s owner to book it into a garage and have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Without its MOT, your car will not be covered under insurance – a legal issue as well as a matter of safety. In fact, to drive your car once its MOT certificate expires, and/or with a failed MOT test, is very dangerous.

An MOT failure means that the car will be deemed unroadworthy. This puts you at serious risk regarding both your insurance and your driving licence. Not only will your insurance provider have the right not to cover the car during that period, but you also risk getting penalty points on your licence.

Once repairs are completed, you will have to take your car back to an MOT test centre to re-take the tests. Should you have had it repaired and returned to the original MOT test centre within a ten day period, then there should be no additional costs for the re-examination of your car.

After that, you may have to pay the original MOT fee again for a full MOT. It could also be a reduced price or even a free partial retest.

That being said, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will pass second time around, and you may have to consider having it repaired elsewhere, as well as having to have it re-checked by the MOT centre, consequently.

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Auto Inspire specialises in MOTs, car services, and repairs. We will be able to conduct MOT tests for your vehicle and, should it not pass, even perform any MOT repairs as needed and any MOT retest requests.

Our services include brake repairs, clutch replacements, suspension repairs, tyre replacements, and wheel alignments – and more besides, depending on your MOT test result. For all of your auto repair needs, you can trust Auto Inspire!

We also specialise in servicing vehicles to the manufacturer’s specifics! That way, you can rest assured that not just anything is being applied to your car, but rather precisely what it needs.

Here at Auto Inspire, we know how much your car means to you. For many of us, cars are like our second homes. We rely on them practically daily and cannot afford to have them be disrespected or ill-treated.

All cars are different, and ensuring the longevity of any vehicle, means that maintenance is required! However, as you well know, repairs and services on any car can be expensive.

Your safety on the road is our top priority, so we will always do our best to ensure that your vehicle is up to standard and affordable.



If your car’s MOT test certificate is near its expiry date, or has recently failed its MOT, then bring it down to Auto Inspire. We can repair any dangerous defects your car may have, and will happily put it back through a full MOT test, or a partial retest, depending on what it needs.

Our friendly team at our approved test centre and garage is ready and willing to help you with every aspect of your MOT, including getting your car repaired if need be! If you need help with anything specific to your MOT, or have trouble understanding, just let us know. We’ve all seen an MOT fail at one time or another.

If you choose our centre for your MOT, we’ll provide you with a full, detailed report – offering advice on the relevant parts to your car that may need repairing, replacing, or simply needing a little more care.

For more information on our services, you can contact us on 01246 555 995, or through our website via form. Keep your car, your passengers and other road users safe – take your MOT seriously!