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Car Remapping, sometimes known as ‘chipping’, means altering the settings on your cars ECU and is generally done to improve the performance of your vehicle and how economical it is.

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What is an ECU?

To put it simply, an ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a computer within your car that controls your engine and how much power your car has. It is concerned with how much fuel is injected into your engine which affects the performance of your car – although the settings are typically set to limit the speed. This is where remapping comes in…

If you’d like to find out more about how it could benefit your vehicles performance, or are ready to get started and want to find the best car remapping Chesterfield has to offer, get in contact with our team of professionals today on 01246 555995.

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What is ECU Remapping for?

Remapping a car means adjusting the settings of your vehicles ECU to improve various aspects of its performance – allowing you to customise how the engine operates to a certain extent.

Benefits of car remapping include:

  • Improved fuel economy – Having your car remapped may help to increase your fuel economy, allowing you to achieve better mpg.
  • Increased power and torque – By opting for ECU Chip Tuning, you are altering the limitations set on your cars ECU, which in turn means you can achieve increased power from your vehicle.
  • Better performance and control – Your engine response will be improved meaning you will have better control of your vehicle and it should feel smoother to drive.
  • Customisable to your preference – There is no one set remap that we offer, meaning we can discuss with you what you hope to get out of your car, and we can then work to achieve this.

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Feel as though your car is lagging, or are trying to increase your fuel economy? We can help! Our car remapping in Chesterfield helps you to get the most out of your vehicle, and are completed by our fully trained and professional engineers.

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