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Car Timing Belt ready for replacementAre you considering a timing belt replacement in Chesterfield? Wondering about the average timing belt replacement cost? What does this service actually involve?

Believe it or not, many drivers overlook timing belt problems as just additional expenses on their MOTs. However, failure to keep your timing belts in check could cause serious damage to your car in the long term.

Arranging for a timing belt change could make all the difference to the performance of your car, as well as its general safety.


Why are Timing Belts Important?

Many modern vehicle engines run on interference systems. This means that they are designed so valves depend on timing belts. Timing belts can potentially break – which could cause serious damage to your engine’s pistons.

You need your timing belt or cambelt to make sure that your crankshaft and camshaft work together efficiently. This means that air enters and leaves your engine’s cylinders as expected. You’ll also need your cambelt to help run the fuel pump and the water pump.

Correctly fitting a timing belt or a cambelt is important to maximise your vehicle’s efficiency. Timing is everything – as if air intake is timed correctly, it means that your engine can work at peak performance.

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Why Contact Auto Inspire for a Timing Belt Replacement or a Cambelt Change?

Here at Auto Inspire, our team works hard to set up timing belt installations that are beneficial to you from the moment you drive away. We make sure to use a wide range of tools to ensure that your belts work at optimum performance. This means that we will also need to install new tensioners as well as idler pulleys, which will benefit your car’s water pump.

When it comes to setting up a timing belt change, the intervals may vary from car to car. Therefore, it’s always important to get in touch with our team if you are in any doubt! Timing belt replacement experts in Chesterfield can support doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

We will always check timing belt issues as part of your MOT. However, make sure to get in touch with our service centre if you feel your cambelt needs support.


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Worrying about timing belt replacement cost? There’s no need for concern. The costs involved may vary from car to car, and labour times will vary, too. However, we always ensure to be upfront and clear with you on the services we offer, as well as the costs you can expect to pay.

For a tailored quote, make sure to get in touch with us online as soon as possible with your registration number. This way, our team can set you a fair price and expectations. Don’t let your timing belt problems overwhelm you – book now for expert advice!

MOT Frequently Asked Questions


Are a timing chain and timing belt the same thing?

No. The timing belt is a rubber belt that runs between the crankshaft and camshaft(s) of an engine to move the valves in time with the pistons. Your vehicle likely has a timing chain, which is much more durable than a belt and requires less maintenance. However, both should be replaced at regular intervals and this differs from make and model of your car or van. For more information see your users manual or call us for help!

Vehicle timing belt, what is it and what does it do?

The timing-belt is a rubber material belt with teeth that sits inside the engine and needs to be lubricated by oil. While they’re not just there for show, these belts play a very important role in making sure your car runs smoothly!
The word “timing” comes from Latin meaning “to arrange or put in order.” That pretty much sums up what these belts do; make sure all moving parts stay tuned together without getting too clogged up!

The timing belt is noisy on start up, why is this?

Timing belt noises are very noticeable during start-up when oil pressure and flow is at its lowest. Excess slack on a timing belt will cause either noiseless or rattling noises depending on how severe the excess was, but bad enough that you can still hear it after starting up .
What does this mean for me? If your car makes an unusual clicking sound under load (like idling), then there’s probably some kind of issue with one if their chains–in which case they should be looked into immediately because these repairs aren’t cheap!

Is my timing belt ready for replacement?

A timing belt needs to be replaced at 70,000 – 100,000 miles unless there’s an issue. Timing belt issues are common in higher mileage vehicles and may include:
-Worn or damaged valve guides (70% of all camshaft failures occur here)
-Prolonged use on older models with asbestos gaskets which have been found ineffective against oil consumption particles since they boil off before being installed in contact with hot combustion chambers. Please check your user manual or call us as different makes and models can differ in their advised replacement mileage.

Is it a big problem if the timing belt breaks?

A timing belt breaks or fails, and your engine won’t start. This can be a major inconvenience if you need to get somewhere important in a hurry!
The car will have no choice but go into repair for this problem–the pistons not coming into contact with valves causes serious damage that needs fixing right away. Call us at your earliest convenience at our Chesterfield MOT garage on 01246 555995

Is it costly to replace my belt?

The timing belt is a major component in the engine that affects its performance. This means it needs to be replaced at regular intervals or else you might end up with problems like degraded fuel efficiency, uneven idling and excessive noise when trying start your car – not good! It’s also difficult for mechanics without specific tools to access these hard-to place parts since they are typically installed beneath hoods which make them inaccessible except by trained professionals who know exactly how much force should be applied during replacement procedures depending on model year/make

How much to replace a timing belt?

The average cost of timing belt replacement can vary anywhere from £300-£500, but this price will depend on if the original problem has caused any other damage and also what make/model your car is. Our mechanics at our chesterfield garage can assess the damage and quote accordingly.

Why is it best to replace the water pump at the same time?

When servicing your timing belt, it is recommended that you replace both the water pump and tensioner. The typical life expectancy for this part can be as long or even longer than 100k miles! This extra expense will save owners substantial money in labour costs alone compared with just being without new parts


Timing belt replacement near me

Do you need to replace your timing belt or chain? Auto Inspire can provide a quotation for replacement and any damage that may have been caused if it has broken. Call our Chesterfield garage on 01246 555995