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Everybody knows where and what the tyres on the car are for but a lot of people don’t realize the fines you can receive for having illegal tyres. The maximum fine is £2500. Checking your tyres at regular intervals is advisable to not only save on any fines but also for the safety of you and your passengers. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm which is marked on the tyres with a wear indicator if you are unsure just call down and we will check your tyres for free. It is also important to ensure that you have the correct pressure of air in the tyres to prolong the life wear.

There are many different brands on the market from budget brands all the way through to known brands such as Michelin, Avons and Pirelli. These brands are all available from us. Once new tyres have been fitted it is important to have these balanced to the wheel to ensure there is no vibration felt through the wheels. We also check the wear pattern to ensure that they have worn evenly to best advise the customer. Uneven wear can be caused by under and over inflation tracking not set to car manufacturers spec. We don’t have an in house four wheel alignment system but we outsource to another local supplier.


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Autoinspire offer fast fitting of budget and branded tyres including economy tyres and named manufacturers such as Firestone tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Michelin tyres, Avon tyres and Yokahama tyres. Our budget range includes popular names like Wanli tyres and Tigar tyres and we are able to provide value saver tyres and other types to suit any vehicle and requirement.

With some of the most popular automotive parts and accessories, and being one of the leading suppliers of quality tyres Chesterfield has to offer, we are sure you will find just what you are looking for. Whether you need economy tyres to keep you going or high-end car parts including tyres and much more, you can count on us.

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We simply have the biggest range of tyre stock in the area to suit all budgets. Part of our price promise to you is that if you find any locally stocked car tyres at already great prices, we won’t be beaten and if our quote to you, whether you are looking for fitting services too or not, is more we’ll price under that so you know you will receive excellent value.

Our guarantee is based on written quotations from local tyre stockists (excluding trade prices, online tyre prices and exclusive promotions) relating to the same part, product type and size, and manufacturer.


Tyres Chesterfield – Ordering and Arranging Fast Fitting

If you know the tyre size, then simply fill out our quick form and we’ll get back to you with details of stock and how quickly we are able to fit them for you.

Contact us easily and we’ll get back to you promptly with unbeatable prices, our price promise guarantee, and we’ll advise on the best tyres for your car should you need advice. Our team are experts and will carry out expert tyre fitting at our purpose built car garage in Chesterfield. We’ll provide advice on tyre safety and any other information that you need to help your car perform at its best; after all, the tyres are the only thing between the road and your car, and we supply and fit the best tyres for your vehicle.

Looking for to buy car tyres in Chesterfield? Contact our tyres experts today on 01246 555995 for more information about our service and how we can help you.


MOT Frequently Asked Questions


I’m looking for local tyre fitters in Chesterfield, can you help?

We often hear of customers searching terms like “tyre fitting near me “or “local tyre fitters” because they can’t drive far on their current tyres. Our fast and friendly local Chesterfield tyre fitting garage is here to help so if you need advice, please call us we will be happy to advise.

Is it dangerous driving on worn tyres?

When driving on worn out tyres, it’s not just the legal issues that can be a problem. Insufficient tread depth also affects braking distance while icier roads require greater stopping power for safe handling; under inflated tyres negatively impact fuel efficiency and road-handling abilities as well.

I need some cheap tyres fitted what brands do you offer?

It is not always the best option to fit cheap brand tyres however we do offer a wide range of lower cost brands as well as the more well-known brands like Michelin, Avons and Pirelli tyres.

Why is it important for me to get my wheels balanced?

One of the most frustrating things for car owners is having a vehicle with unbalanced wheels. When this happens, you’ll experience premature wearing on suspension and steering components as well as vibration that may cause discomfort to driver even if they don’t notice it themselves! Balancing your tyres can help eliminate these problems in addition any preventive maintenance tips we’ve provided before

Do you offer next day tyre fitting at your Chesterfield Garage?

This will depend how busy we are at the time you call, we always try and fit our customers in for next day tyre fitting if we can. The best thing to do is call us.

What is the penalty for unsafe tyres?

You could end up paying £10,000 for driving with unroadworthy tires in the UK.
You need at least 1.6mm of tyre tread left over three quarters of your car’s wheels- but two thirds (66%) British drivers don’t know this! That means they’re risking fines if their tyres fall below legal standards – an amount that can quickly add up to a big problem for you.

Are new tyres fitted or do you use part worn tyres?

We only fit high quality new tyres as your safety is important to us, part worn tyres can be cheaper but often not as safe as new tyres.

Why is my steering wheel vibrating?

One of the most common reasons for car steering to shake is related to tyres. If they are not balanced properly, it can lead to vibration at your wheel and this starts around 50 mph before becoming progressively worse up until 60 mph after which things may improve slightly depending on how severe an issue you have with alignment.

I’m sure everyone has had their tyres imbalance by driving over rough roads even though I know people think this doesn’t happen often enough when actually its quite frequent!

Wheel balancing is required regularly too because without regular adjustments vehicles will wear unevenly which might cause some additional vibrations while turning during acceleration turns.

Is it just car tyres fitted or do you supply commercial tyres too?

We offer new tyres for commercial vehicles like van tyres and caravan tyres, for anything else please contact us at the garage.

How can I tell what tyre size I need?

Your vehicle handbook will include information on the correct tyre size. You can also check your tyre side wall for a printing that tells what type and how much air pressure you should be using in each tyre. If you can our garage, we will be more than happy to explain in more detail.