Citroen C3 Suspension Noise Broken Front Spring!

This Citreon C3 had to be recovered into the workshop as it was not drivable. The near side or passengers side front suspension spring had broken a piece away from the spring and cause the rest off the spring to jump out of the bottom of the shock absorber. This made the car sit to low on that side.


citroen c3

suspension noise

broken front spring

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Once the vehicle was on the two post lift and in the air we could asses the damage that the spring had done. Unfortunately it has also bent the front anti-roll bar drop link and the suspension strut top mounting was also damaged.

Sometimes when road springs break the sharp edge that is left from the split can damage the tyre and wheel. A good inspection of wheel and tyres was made and on this occasion the customer has got away without replacing either.

New parts are ordered and we begin with the job. Once complete a good road test confirms that the suspension is now working as it should and the vehicle can be returned to the customer.