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What is Diesel Particulate Filters?

Diesel Particulate Filters the part of the exhaust system that controls and regulates the production of poisonous emission. It was invented to address the call of environmentalists to help save the earth. It gives 80% reduction in diesel soot which is a high percentage to help to protect the atmosphere. Fitted to most modern diesel vehicles and also forms part of the mot test as of March 2014.

How Does a DPF work? – It captures the tiny bits of the black substance known as soot from the exhaust. The filter is emptied regularly for maintained performance. This process is called regeneration. The diesel particulate filter should regenerate once the saturation reaches a certain level. There are two types of regeneration.

Passive regeneration is automatically done on motorway-type runs when the temperature hits high.

Active regeneration was made for cars which do not fit to automatic process. In this process, it is the engine management computer that works. Upon reaching the set limit of soot load, the ECU initiates the post combustion fuel induction and sets a higher level of temperature and triggers regeneration. The unsuccessful regeneration causes the oil to deteriorate and temperature to heat up. This leads to major engine problem.


DPF Cleaning Chesterfield

A regeneration can also be forced using diagnostic equipment which we have at Autoinspire to clear the diesel particulate filter off soot levels.

If a regeneration can’t be performed a replacement may be needed these need to be fitted and calibrated using suitable diagnostic software. DPFs can be quite costly but for a competitive quote or any advice please get in touch. Where one of our technicians will talk through the options available.

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