5 Tips for Finding the Best MOT Garages in Chesterfield

wheel alignment -best mot garages in chesterfieldAre you looking to get your vehicle checked over as part of your necessary MOT? Now may be the time to start looking for the best MOT garages in Chesterfield. After all, it really does pay to make sure you have your four wheeled friend checked over by a team of seasoned experts!

At Auto Inspire, we always work hard to make sure our customers drive away with complete confidence. The MOT is more than just a legal check – it’s a great way to make sure that your car is fighting fit, and is likely to remain safe to use on the roads. Safe for you, safe for other road users and everyone in your car.

Here are a few things you should be looking for when hunting down the best garages in Chesterfield – and elsewhere, for that matter!


Look for years of expertise

It’s safe to say that we all have to start somewhere. However, the more expertise an MOT garage has to offer, the safer you can assume that they have helped all kinds of MOT demands over the years.

MOT garages with years of experience and with thousands of happy customers will hopefully assure you that you are dealing with a team that really knows the ropes. You don’t spend years in the MOT business without really knowing your way around cars – that’s always going to be difficult to dispute!

Auto Inspire is proud to have been in the local garage trade for many years. We’re still thrilled to be welcoming back familiar faces year after year, though only when it’s happy circumstances!


Check out credentials online

The best garages in Chesterfield offering MOTs won’t be shy about what they have to offer. In this day and age, if a garage or even any kind of business doesn’t have a website – or a listing on Google – then you have the right to be a little suspicious!

As such, make a point to check out the online listings of a garage near me or one that specialises in an MOT Chesterfield drivers can depend on. The best garages and resources should openly list their expertise as well as their reviews, giving you a clear insight into how they work, and why they should be trusted.

Again, Google reviews are a really good place to look as a priority. Think of these listings as rather like the modern twist on the Yellow Pages! However, you have the added benefit of customer reviews rolling in alongside.

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Check out specialisms

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The best MOT garages in Chesterfield will also be pleased to fill you in on everything they can do. After all, an MOT for one type of vehicle is not necessarily going to be the same for the next. Therefore, always be sure to check in with a garage to find out what they can do and how they can be of specific help.

For example, you may be able to find a garage that specialises in your manufacturer or particular line of car. You may even find that your best garage choice is one that offers extensive aftercare and exclusive perks. It’s all the more reason why you should check out all the detail you can on a website, social media and on Google business listings before you just drive in.

A good sign is generally that your best MOT garages will be jacks of all trades. That said, one or two that are specialists in a service that matters to you will also be worth looking into.


The price list matters

Yes – of course – you should always take into account the price you pay for an MOT. This is standardised on the whole, but you may find that some garages offer extra perks and services for a little extra in terms of the price you pay. That might not be something you necessarily want to enter into. However, if you do, it’s well worth eyeing up the price list.

Do also compare rates on perks and general services from garage to garage. Hidden costs, too, are hidden by less scrupled garages for a reason – meaning we really do recommend you delve into the fine print before you go ahead and put any kind of money down.

At Auto Inspire, you can rest assured that we will give you an upfront and honest breakdown of the costs you can expect from both your MOT and any additional services you expect from us. In fact, if you want to know more about costs before you visit, keep reading through our website and reach out to the team.


Value friendly customer care

We understand that not everyone who drives into our service centre is going to be a petrolhead. Many people drive cars as means to an end, and for that reason, we are also not about to pull the wool over your eyes, either.

With Auto Inspire, you can expect friendly, laid-back and informative care from our team of experts. We understand that getting an MOT sorted is a pretty tense time – you’re likely worrying about how it’s going to turn out!

However, the best MOT garages in Chesterfield take the time to reassure their customers. We’ve all been through MOTs – and for that reason, you can rely on our team to take you through the whole process with genuine care and understanding.


Book your MOT today

Looking to get your MOT – Chesterfield or elsewhere – sorted pretty sharpish? Be sure to call on a seasoned team of experts who know their way around a vehicle or two! Be sure to book your MOT with Auto Inspire now and get ahead of the pack.

We want to make sure your car passes with flying colours – but at the same time, if anything does need our extra care and support, we will be on hand to help. Call now to find out more, or book in with us online before you visit.