What is Checked in an MOT, and Why Is It So Important?

As a motorist, you probably know by now that an MOT is crucial to getting you on the road. However, if you are yet to get started with driving, you may be wondering what a yearly check-up actually entails. What’s more, why is there so much importance placed on these checks? If you’re worrying about what is checked in an MOT, the best thing to do is to reach out to your local mechanic experts.

Here at Auto Inspire, we help thousands of motorists with thorough checks year after year. The outcome of your own MOT will naturally vary depending on your car’s performance – but it’s always worth consulting a general MOT checklist so you know what to expect.


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Parts Your MOT Will Check Over

Essentially, there are very few parts to your vehicle that an MOT won’t check. We’ll cover these in a little more detail below.

However, when you take your car to your local garage or service centre, the following parts are checked and analysed during the MOT process:

  • Your brakes
  • Your steering
  • Your seatbelts
  • Your lights
  • Your plates
  • Your tyres
  • Your wheels
  • Your horn
  • Your exhaust
  • Your mirrors
  • Your towbar
  • Your boot
  • Your general vehicle body
  • Your suspension
  • Your fuel
  • Your wiring
  • Your battery
  • Your doors
  • Your bonnet
  • Your seats
  • Your windscreen
  • Your wipers and washer system
  • Your emissions

That’s quite a lot to cover – so, as you can imagine, you are going to need help from someone who will genuinely take their time to cover all bases. Crucially, it’s important for all of these parts to be checked so that it is safe for you to run your car on the road.

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Parts NOT Checked in Your MOT

While it may seem as though what is checked in an MOT is essentially the whole car, that actually isn’t the case. In line with government and DVLA advice, the following elements do not receive the MOT treatment from year to year:

However, as you can imagine, these components are still essential to the safety and wellbeing of your car. That’s why it still makes sense to ensure you have an experienced serviceperson check these elements over from time to time.

In fact, it may even be worth asking your serviceperson to carefully check these elements for you alongside your MOT. It really will not hour to ask!


So – Why is an MOT So Important?

Your MOT is an annual check-up for most of the components in your car. That means should you wish to drive on British roads, your vehicle will need to adhere to a thorough MOT checklist.

Essentially, your MOT isn’t just a box ticking exercise. MOT essentials are outlined in the name of keeping you, your passengers and your fellow road users safe. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that you always undergo your checks annually, and with a certified, qualified mechanic or service centre team.

What’s more, if you are caught driving without a valid MOT, you could be subject to fines and/or further prosecution. Even something as innocuous as your seatbelts need checking – the same applies to your wheels and tyres, too. These elements could have a huge impact on both the people in your car and anyone driving alongside you if they are not working to specification.

Many people talk about how they ‘dread’ an MOT. That’s because there are sometimes no ways to know which parts, if any, are going to need adjustment or repair from year to year. That’s why it is so important to reach out to a seasoned team, such as the experts working with Auto Inspire, to provide you with an honest check-up.

We will never provide you with vague answers or even overblow problems your car may be facing. We will always be happy to demonstrate potential issues that require remedy.

Your MOT is a chance for you to find out if your car is fit for purpose, and to start planning ahead to fix up any issues along the way.


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Auto Inspire’s fantastic service facility is here to help you make sure everything that is checked in an MOT is covered with care and precision. We’re motorists, too – we understand how stressful MOTs can be at times!

So – don’t delay. Book your MOT in with us now and let’s start getting your car up to speed and on the road at full health.