What is remapping a car, and what are the benefits to your vehicle?

MOT Centre Chesterfield - what is car remapping?


If you are interested in sprucing up your car a little and improving its performance, then you may have heard about car remapping. But what is remapping a car, anyway?

With professional care and support, car remapping can significantly increase a vehicle’s performance and make for a more comfortable and enjoyable drive.

But how will it affect your vehicle, and what else do you need to know? Why might it be something you want to consider in the here and now? There are plenty of benefits of remapping, and we’ll cover them for you in this handy guide.


What is car remapping?

Remapping a car is a quick process that involves modifying a car’s ECU (i.e. the Electronic Control Unit). The ECU is the main computer in your vehicle that controls your engine’s power.

By remapping, the ECU’s original manufacturer settings are adjusted in order to improve several aspects regarding the car’s engine. You can modify the airflow, the fuel injection, the sensors, the power.

The idea here, of course, is to improve the fuel intake, increase the power and torque, and increase the car’s overall performance level and control. One of the great things about remapping is that you can customise it so that the vehicle can turn out pretty much as you want it.

That being said, there are laws that will need to be respected, which is why it is always best to have your car remapped by a professional. By attempting to do it yourself, you not only risk damaging the vehicle and making it unsafe to drive, but you also risk being stopped and facing certain judicial circumstances.


How long does it take to remap your car?

Of course, the exact amount of time that it will take to remap your car will depend on your specific requests, your car’s current state, and the garage that you have chosen to remap your vehicle.

Generally speaking, it should take no longer than two to four hours to finish remapping your car. However, once the remapping is complete, you should not need to have your vehicle remapped again. Should you want to have anything modified in future, of course, you will have to bring your car back to the garage; however, it is usually tweaked to the person’s liking the first time around.

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Does remapping influence the driving style?

Yes! By increasing your vehicle’s power, you will naturally have to adapt your footing to the new engine style. With more power, your foot should be a little lighter on the accelerator, thus reducing your fuel costs. It’s one of the clearest benefits of remapping.

That being said, some do report complaints about their fuel consumption, expecting it to reduce with the remapping. Of course, should you take advantage of the remapping of the car to drive faster and at a more aggressive rate, your fuel consumption will naturally not decrease but increase! Remember to adapt your driving style to your engine’s remap.


Do you have to disclose that the vehicle has been remapped if you sell it?

When selling a car, it is always best to disclose any work that has been done on the vehicle. That includes services, repairs, and remapping. Remember that remapping involves modifying the car from its original settings to suit your specific desires better. These changes will not suit everyone, and some will be disappointed with the changes.

Others may be impressed by the modifications and more likely to purchase the vehicle; all will depend on the buyer. It’s a fine balance, but honesty is key.

That being said, if you plan on selling your vehicle, then that should be another reason to not remap your vehicle by yourself. No seller will want a car that has not been professionally modified, and you would be risking the new owner’s safety by not disclosing this.


Does remapping affect your car’s MOT or insurance policy?

Remapping does indeed modify a car’s insurance policy. It is considered to be a car modification and should therefore be disclosed to your insurance provider. In some cases, that will mean increasing the car’s insurance cost; however, by not advising this to your insurance company, you could render your insurance policy invalid.

If you have your vehicle professionally remapped, then you should be in no danger of failing your MOT. The only potential risk is the fuel emission changes; however, a professional will know about this and will be able to ensure your car’s security better. However, remapping by yourself will likely ensure that your vehicle fails its MOT and will need to be professionally modified in order to fix any problems, thus costing you more.



So, what is remapping a car? It’s giving it a new lease of life.

Yes, car remapping can be a great way of modifying your car to better fit your needs. It is also a quick and fairly cost-effective way of feeling like you are driving a brand new car!

Of course, the best way of getting your car remapped is by taking it to a trustworthy, experienced garage or service centre.

Here at Auto Inspire in Chesterfield, we have the experience and knowledge you need to remap your vehicle safely, legally, and to the standards you demand.

For a quote on your car remapping or for any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Auto Inspire on 01246555995 or email us at [email protected]. We’re here to help!