How to check the MOT history of your car or vehicle

Want to know how to check MOT history online? Luckily, it’s really easy to find out everything you need to know. In this guide, we’ll take a look at why checking your MOT is so important when you’re buying and/or running any kind of vehicle.


mot check - how to check mot history onlineHow to run an MOT check

If you’re not sure how to check MOT history, the answer lies with GOV UK. First of all, head straight to the GOV UK website’s MOT checker.

You will need your’s vehicle’s registration number and the 11-digit number from your vehicle’s logbook. This will provide the location of the last test centre the vehicle went to.

If you are sure of the past test centres, you can also log onto your MOT test centre’s website and access the same information through the website.

The results will be available on both the government website and the test centre’s website once the latter has recorded the results.


Why is it important to check your car or vehicle’s MOT history?

It is vital to check a vehicle’s MOT history before buying; however, sadly, many of us forget to do so!

The MOT check will not only reassure you that you are driving an entirely safe and road-legal car, but it will also provide you with essential information about the vehicle’s past.

As you know, your MOT test is what ensures that a car is safe to drive.

Your car’s lights, tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, battery, engine, seat belts, mirrors, and more will all be checked during the various tests. If the car fails the MOT or does not even take it, then there is no guarantee that it will be safe to drive, and it definitely won’t be road legal!

Sadly, not all car sellers are upfront about this, and some will not even mention the MOT in an attempt to get rid of a car that is not road-legal. Once you have paid them, there is very little chance of you getting your money back, and you will be stuck with a car that could need extensive repairs!

It can be easy to forge a paper MOT certificate, so, sadly, even they cannot be trusted. However, the online government database cannot be forged. Therefore, you should always check its MOT history online for a full and accurate representation of the car’s history.


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When should you check your car or vehicle’s MOT history?

Now you know how to check car MOT history, it’s time to consider when is best for you to do so.

It is always best to check a car’s MOT history before buying it. Once a car is older than three years old, it needs to be tested for an MOT every year in the UK.

Before buying any second-hand car, it is essential to check that its MOT has been done before you buy it. Otherwise, you run the risk of paying a good price for a car that will need extensive repairs!

Moreover, a car’s MOT history will tell you a lot about its previous owners and their care for the vehicle. For example, if you notice that the car spent a few years without having an MOT test, it could very well be that it was not well-cared for, which could lead to, again, future unexpected repairs and costs.

Therefore, before committing to buying a car, always check its MOT history online! You will be able to get the results in seconds, and it could save you a lot of headaches in the future!


What if my car or vehicle failed its last MOT?

There are multiple reasons why a car could have failed its MOT test. If you manage to obtain a detailed account of the test, indicating why exactly it failed, then you will be able to make a better decision regarding your purchase.

For example, should it have failed its MOT test due to the fact that one of the lights was not working, then the chances are that this is simply due to a case of needing to replace a lightbulb!

In that case, you can simply explain to a garage or vendor you buy from that you will take the vehicle as long as they repair the problem and resubmit it for an MOT test!

If, on the other hand, the car failed its MOT test due to signs of rusting on the body, then there may not be much of a point in buying the car. Rusting is a sure sign that the car will not last for much longer, and it runs a very low risk of being road)-legal again any time soon! The problem will cost more to repair than you might think, and it could even cost more than the car is worth.


Where can I take my car or vehicle for an MOT?

MOT symbolIf you have purchased a car without checking out its MOT history beforehand, or would simply like to resubmit it for a test after repairing a minor issue, then consider taking it back to the MOT centre that first tested it. Some MOT centres will retest your vehicle for free, as long as you take it back in within the time that they have permitted it to be returned. Some will retest it at a discounted price.

If, however, you are past any date which could save you some money on the MOT test, then it is always best to take your vehicle to a reliable centre elsewhere in your local area.

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